Can't find the question you're looking for? We've shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out! 

Flat Markers answers questions about general information for flat markers.

Upright Monuments answers questions about general information for upright monuments. 

Colours and Engraving answer questions about the design process as well as troubleshoot the design program.

Shipping answers questions about the shipping policy and procedures as well as location and stock.

Installation answers questions about the installation process and cemetery guidelines (what those are/what to expect).


Flat Markers

What is a flat memorial (marker)?

A flat memorial is the most common type of memorial. They are also referred to as markers, flats, headstones, footstones or grass markers as they are installed flat into the ground. They are most commonly about 3-4 inches thick and can have a wide range of width and length. 


Are flat markers cost-effective?

Yes. Unfortunately, some customers can’t afford to purchase a memorial and often wait years after their loved one has passed to place a marker or headstone on the grave. Bevel, Slant and Upright markers can cost several thousand dollars due to their sizes and shape. Flat grave markers, depending on the engraving, material and add-ons, are the least expensive out of the numerous options for burials. Purchasing a plot and a flat marker is one of the most cost-effective ways to memorialize a loved one. 


How much do your flat markers weigh?

A flat marker’s weight can vary based on the size. The smallest size is 30 lbs and the largest size is approximately 295 lbs. To view the weight of each marker we have available, select the size and look at the product description.


Why do you use granite for flat memorials?

Prairie Flat Memorials make our flat memorials out of granite as it is both durable and versatile.
The material can withstand extreme weather conditions and will maintain its integrity for generations, making it excellent for cemeteries. Granite is also easier for engraving, so quality inscriptions are more affordable and look beautiful.


Can I purchase a vase or photo?

At this time, we do not offer vases or photos as add-ons for our flat markers.


Upright Monuments

What is an Upright Monument?

An Upright Monument is the second most common type of memorial. They are also referred to as headstones, tombstones or uprights. Most commonly, they are placed on a base that sits on top of a foundation. In the larger city cemeteries, the foundations are often prepared and provided by the cemetery. In rural cemeteries, it is more common for the customers or monument companies to provide the foundation.


How do I install them?

Although we are only offering smaller sized upright monuments, they are still very heavy. Installation often requires a picker crane or specialized hand truck. Prairie Flat Memorials does not provide installation services. You will be required to coordinate installation on your own or with a local monument company


Colours and Engraving

How do you engrave granite?

Prairie Flat Memorials uses a traditional practice for engraving called sandblasting. Sandblasting uses a jet of sand driven by compressed air to remove the polish from the granite’s surface. By doing so, it exposes the contrast between the polished surface and the unpolished layers of the granite. Depending on the depth of engraving, there are various visual effects on the monument, which help to show the detailing in the inscription. 


Why don't you offer laser etching?

We do not recommend laser-etching for flat markers due to their placement in the ground. While it is available for black granite, over time the marker will collect dirt and moisture. This makes laser-etched inscriptions difficult to see.


Can I provide my designs to engrave on the marker?

Our design team has created an online customization process that will eliminate human error and ensure the memorial will look exactly how the customer has designed it. Due to this, we have intentionally offered pre-designed templates of proven designs that engrave beautifully onto the granite. We are not permitting the use of custom designs as in some cases, designs that look good on paper do not translate well onto granite when engraved.


Why are there only two fonts available?

Unfortunately, many fonts that look good on paper do not translate well onto granite. Because of this, our design team has chosen two fonts that are proven to engrave beautifully onto granite.
Helpful hint: when selecting Font A or Font B - Font A will accommodate longer surnames.


Why can't I change the font size?

We intentionally made changing the font size inaccessible to ensure that our customers don’t accidentally select the wrong size or a size that wouldn’t show well on the marker. If the font is too small, the letters may be distorted. If the font size is too large, it will look disproportionate or not be able to fit the monument. Our design team has meticulously chosen the perfect size of the font to guarantee the final product will be readable and beautiful.


What do I do if my name doesn't fit?

If you notice that the name you’ve chosen isn’t fitting, here are two solutions you can try to solve the issue:

  1. Try the same size marker with Font A
  2. Change the template to one that will use the entire width of the monument for the surname.


Why isn’t my information saving when I switch templates?

We have not enabled the saving of text. Prairie Flat Memorials takes great precautions to guarantee that the final product will be readable and look beautiful. To ensure these precautions are fulfilled, we have designed each template so that the proportion and symmetry of the text fit properly. There would also be the potential to skew the rendering. 


Why does the first letter remain when I'm editing text on my laptop or desktop?

This feature is a part of the design software. It makes sure that you always have a placeholder for the last letter typed. The letter will change as you input new letters or numbers.


Will the final product match the template I've created?

It should, thanks to our design team. They have created a selection of beautiful templates that will translate almost identically onto the granite. Restrictions have been incorporated into the design tool to ensure that the final product will fit the size of the marker and be clear and legible. If the final product does not match your template, please refer to our Refund Policy.



What happens if you’re out of stock?

Our company knows that waiting for a marker size that fits cemetery regulations to be restocked  can be exhausting. To alleviate this issue, our company has invested in our inventory to avoid supply chain issues facing our industry. Prairie Flat Memorials ensures that we have enough stock and we will deliver your memorial promptly.


Do you ship to all locations in Canada?

As of 2022, Prairie Flat Memorials will only ship to BC, AB, SK & MB. Additional charges may be incurred for remote locations. This is because we have noticed that there are very few Canadian online retailers and not many in Western Canada, if at all. There are discount wholesalers advertised in the traditional monument/memorial market, who often do not live up to their promises: for example, late delivery and lack of communication are all too common. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for more information.


When will I receive my marker after I purchase it?

Our company understands the frustration of waiting 6 months to a year for a memorial. We have structured our delivery service to ensure that your marker will arrive your shipping address within 2 weeks of purchase.

Please refer to our Shipping Policy for more details about this process.


What happens if my marker doesn’t arrive or is damaged during shipping?

If your marker appears to have been damaged during shipping we recommend that you reference the Refund Policy and Shipping Policy for information on our reimbursement procedures for damaged memorials. If your marker never arrived, please check the shipping address to make sure it is correct. If so, please refer to the Refund Policy and Shipping Policy for information on how we handle missing items.



Who will install the memorial?

You are responsible for arranging the installation of your marker, or doing it yourself. We do not provide installations for memorials. Please note that some cemetaries do all of their own installations and will require you to arrange delivery with them. Be sure to ask about your cemetery’s procedures for installing markers prior to ordering.


Do all cemeteries allow any type of memorial?

Some cemeteries only allow certain types of monuments, therefore it is necessary to confirm with your cemetery which markers are permitted for your plot. Ensure that flat markers are allowed before completing a purchase.


What are cemetery regulations?

Cemetery regulations are guidelines created by the cemetery to determine what sizes and types of memorials are allowed in a given location. As well, these can sometimes include guidelines on who is responsible for installing the memorial at the plot. Please reference Cemetery Regulations on our homepage for more information.


Do all cemeteries have regulations?

Not all cemeteries have regulations and some have fewer than others. Be sure to check with your cemetery before purchasing a memorial. Please reference Cemetery Regulations on our homepage for more information.


Is it necessary to purchase a memorial even if the person is cremated?

As cremation is becoming more common, cemeteries are increasingly adding space to their cremation sections. In many cases, cremated remains are interred in the ground similar to a traditional burial. The placement of a marker is done the same way as a traditional burial. A marker is often necessary when choosing one of these plots.