All our markers are sandblasted by hand at our Edmonton Facility. Sandblasting is the traditional technique used to remove polish and form grooves in the granite to create text and designs. This is achieved by forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against the granite surface under high pressure. For over 60 years our partners have been sandblasting monuments with the highest quality standards in the industry. Every piece of granite is inspected before and after it is engraved and has to pass stringent quality control measures prior to being shipped to our customers. 


Step 1. Granite Arrives from supplier

Step 2. Granite is inspected for cracks, colour and defects

Step 3. Designer creates a rubber stencil matching order template

Step 4. Stencil is laid out and weeded on marker. Weeding is the term used to describe removing rubber and exposing the granite for sandblasting.

Step 5. Marker is sandblasted.

Step 6. Marker is cleaned an inspected.

Step 7. Final photo is taken.

Step 8. Marker is crated for delivery.

Step 9. Freight carrier picks up marker and delivers. 

Prairie Flat Memorials only sources the darkest black granite available from its suppliers and inspects each marker for consistency and quality before it is engraved.